COVID-19 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) training aids for Detector Canine Training and Testing

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This Covid-19 microtrace marker pen is designed for scent detection dog training. This Microtrace Marker is in stock and available for prompt delivery.

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Securesearch Inc. has been producing a range of trace scent marker pens since 1996, and offers them in more than 50 different scents for use by dog trainers and handlers. Our product range now includes the infected person’s viral scent of COVID 1-19 on the breath—but without the hazard of the virus.

In 2020 we were approached by the Government of Canada, and asked to propose the manufacture of a COVID-19 canine training aid for use by canine units of Canadian Customs Officers (Canada Border Services Agency) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, among others. The canine handlers would use their trained canines to screen incoming travellers for COVID-19 at US/Canada vehicle border crossings, at airports, train stations and bus terminals.

Our research chemist collected a number of breath samples in special receptacles from people who tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, and from people who tested negative. The airtight sealed metal receptacles were sent to a highly specialized laboratory for extraction and analysis of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) contained in the breath of the infected persons.

The breath samples and their contents were compared to those samples collected from the non-infected people as a control group. The proportions of each of the VOCs in the breath samples were calculated and our research chemist was able to duplicate the COVID-19 VOCs in their proper proportions to develop a COVID-19 canine training aid.

The blend of VOC chemicals in those proportions was developed into a marker pen solution that does not contain any of the virus, because it only replicates the blend and proportions of what was extracted and analyzed from samples in the lab.

The marker pen contains traces of the blend of VOCs in a volatile, fast-evaporating solution. The pen has a spring-loaded valve at the tip that allows the user to meter out just the amount needed for canine training and testing. The fiber tip is pressed against a target surface or material; the fluid flows out through the tip, transfering a small amount of the solution. The canine trainer/handler then follows their training protocol for scent detection, using various rewards.

We have videos and photo images of the training protocols in use.

The scent solutions in all of our marker pens (and certain ones also offered in finger-pump spray bottles with no propellant), have been tested since 1996 by Bill Grimmer, in Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada at his canine training academy. Typically, a scent marker pen will last for up to one year, as only a very small amount is dispensed for each training or test session. Bill Grimmer is still using some scent marker pens that he received from us years ago, and still retain their potency. We recommend that the pens be stored in a refrigerator, and be transported in a vehicle in a cooler with ice or freezer packs, if the vehicle will be sitting outside closed in hot sun during the training or testing sessions.

For further information, contact Bruce Koffler e-mail: or by phone or fax at (1-800) 452-3130 or cell: (416) 948-8832


SECURESEARCH, INC. has been manufacturing scent training aids for use by  trainers and handlers of working canines since 1996.

Each year we have expanded the product range by 2-5 new scents and now we have 54 different ones.  Each pen contains a single, unique scent. A few are pseudoscents, very close in chemistry and odor to the real target product scents they represent. Most other pens contain the actual scent of the real product to which the trainer wishes to expose their dog. The 54 scents include:

-illegal drugs, precursor chemicals and drug breakdown products

-explosives including low explosives/ propellants, high explosives, commercial and military types and homemade explosives, precursor chemicals and breakdown products

-“G” agent, a chemical warfare scent

-Bedbug alarm pheromone, used by many pest control companies with K9 units

-COVID -19 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in their correct proportions

-TPPO (Triphenylphosphine oxide) – a chemical used in cellphones and other electronics

-Clubroot fungus that attacks and destroys canola and other brassica crops

-Cortisol  — for PTSD therapy dogs

-Black and Green Mold

-Corpse scents  (fresh, aged, and drowned corpse)

-Firearms and ammunition scents, including walnut wood, polymer plastic, steel, aluminum,

gun “bluing”, Parkerizing and cerakote chemical treatments for firearm metal parts

-knife and edged weapons scents

In the development process now: Scent of Larvae that attack and destroy decorative palms, coconut and date palm trees, by burrowing down from the top of the tree and destroying it from the inside

The product range includes 31 explosives scents, 7 drug scents and a number of other scents that have been requested by customers with special requirements.

Note that the non-explosive range of scents can also be provided in a finger-pump operated plastic spray bottle that does not contain propellant.

We also offer a “control” marker pen that contains only the solvent solution but none of the target scents.  This can be used to test that the dog is not hitting on the fast evaporating solvent, but only on the target scent on which it has been trained.

The marker pen nozzle end is a spring-loaded metal valve assembly.  The fiber tip projecting from the nozzle must be pressed firmly downward against the target surface and operates the valve inside, allowing a controlled portion of the liquid scent solution to flow out of the tip.

Marker pens and pump spray bottles may be purchased in any quantities and any desired assortment to meet your training needs.  Some solutions only have an expected shelf life of 6 months, while most others will last and retain potency for one year or more. We have tested some formulations for stability that have retained potency for more than two years.

When we ship these products, they must go by air courier service with an IATA Red Label (“Dangerous Goods in Excepted Quantities”).  The UN Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulation puts these products in Class 3, and the number is 1987 n.o.s. (not otherwise stated).  This designation applies to the solvent, a moderately flammable liquid, not the target scents dissolved in the solvent –which are in microtrace quantities detectable by the canine nose, but otherwise not hazardous.

Also available to store these extract marker pens are two lockable cases.
As our extract microtrace markers last for a considerable amount of use we recommend storing them in a case.

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